Engine Generator Uses and Safety

For anyone that might not be aware, an engine generator is what results from the combination of a standard engine with an electrical generator. This combination is designed to form one single mechanism that can be utilized for a variety of uses. The following will provide an in-depth look at what these uses are, as well as how to be safe when around engine generators.

Uses of An Engine Generator

An engine generator can be used for a myriad of applications. The majority of the time, an engine generator is used in instances where utility power is not currently available. In this situation, an engine generator provides electrical power. They are also often used as a means of providing a short-term solution when power is only needed on a temporary basis. Another common use for an engine generator is on construction sites in order to power tools that run on electricity. There are also many times where these generators are trailer mounted and used to provide power on a temporary basis to such things as amp systems and lighting installations, as well as amusement rides.

These generators can typically be used wherever a mobile-style generator is needed. Any time a standby generator isn’t on site or an emergency calls for backup power, an engine generator is commonly put to use. If built with a few more components, an engine generator can detect when power goes out and turn the engine on itself without the need of a human to power it on. It can then identify when the standard power comes back on and turn off the engine accordingly. Though not used in a mobile capacity, many of these generators are installed directly into data processing centers and hospitals, as well as other businesses as a means of using it as backup power should utility power shut off for a period of time.generac-product-xg7000e-portable-model-5798

Safety Around Engine Generators

When using an engine generator, it’s important to maintain strict safety procedures at all times so as not to be injured by any aspect of the generator. One of the primary issues that can occur with an engine generator is what is known as backfeeding. This can happen when switching on an engine generator and simply refers to electricity feeding back to the source instead of outwards as it’s supposed to. If this happens, utility workers and even those in nearby buildings could be injured. In order to keep this from ever happening, it’s important to be sure of the fact that the switch is turned to the off position when switching on the generator. Though it seems like such an easy thing to remember, this issue can occur in but an instant. Ventilation must also be in abundance, as carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when there’s very little air flow. To exhaust all of these harmful gasses, a pressure chimney or black iron pipe can be used to funnel out the gasses. In these cases, insulation is also recommended.